Morgans Sydney Retail Equities

Support our Long Walk Home with Wayside Chapel  

Over the week of Saturday 2 to Friday 8 October 2021, we are walking 28km in the shoes of a person living on our streets in the Long Walk Home.

Every week, a person sleeping rough on our streets has to walk 28km to find shelter or a place to sleep.

Please sponsor my challenge to support the most vulnerable people in our community.

Every step we take and every dollar you help us raise will deliver love, support and assistance to those in crisis. Thank you.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Hei Ng


Naos Asset Management

Hi Raymond, Well done on your support for such a worthy cause, Team Naos


Anthony Yeung

Keep up with the good work Raymond ! Good luck with the walk !


Allan Moss

Best of luck Ray and Andy from Morgans


Retail Commercial Andrew Vines

Great leadership Gents. We need to speak for those who are left behind


Davy Kong

Keep it up to Helping each other


Andy Ho

Ray, Keep up your good work for charities.


Jenny Abood

Ray as discussed expecting an exquisite post to latteandray


Patrick Wong



Happy to contribute to a good course. Great effort Raymond!


Michael Tse


Raymond Chen


P & T Lee


Terri Bradford

Great cause Ray & Andy. Well done.


Anthony Hung

Go Boys!!! 🚶‍♂️as Johnnie Walker would say Keep Walking. cheers 🥃


Rayman Yan

Have fun, guys.


Ronald Chan

Good luck on the walk Ray!


Danny Saltoon


Layla Derwash

What a great cause Andy & Ray! Goodluck!


Yousra Touni

Good work :)


Raymond Chan


Justin Wynne

Go for it team


Russ Holmes

Top Job Guys


Luong Tat

Hi Ray and Andy, A great cause and my hat goes off to you for your efforts to society.


Andy Angus


Ann Ngai


Jenny Chan

Good luck with the walk!!!


Vivienne Angeli

wooohooo goodluck!