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Walking around Sydney’s Rocks and Barangaroo

Yesterday we joined our local walking group to walk from Waverton across the SHB to Barangaroo.  We frequently walk across The Bridge as it is near our home - and we never cease to be impressed by this amazing structure built during the Depression of the 1920s. 
When we came off The Bridge we turned left off the stairs and towards Milton Terrace in Lower Fort Street. Recently featured on the TV Show ‘Renovation Australia’ where one of the terraces was getting a multi-million dollar makeover, the terraces are one of the most impressive and beautiful pieces of Victorian architecture.
Like the Sirius which we had already passed fenced off and neglected, we were saddened by thoughts of the long time residents who were evicted by an avaricious Housing NSW. 
After descending the stairs we walked through the Finger Wharves to Barangaroo Park. As the native vegetation grows up and the park matures it is growing into a fabulous oasis on the edge of the harbour new The Bridge. 
If you continue to climb the stairs to the top of the park and turn the corner past more Rocks history, you will come to The Palisades - a delightful hotel, now a very popular pub, with great food and a roof garden. Past that we walked up to High Street and the Worker’s Flats with their fascinating blind turrets at each end which look over what was once known as The Hungry Mile. 
Our walk took us down the steps to Barangaroo in the shade of the monster Casino and the newly opened piece of park before we walked to the ferry for our return to McMahon’s Point. 
We walked was 9.5km in total. 
This is a great walk if you are interested in history - and is made even more interesting if you brush up on the history before you go. 
One of the best places is the Millers Point Community website

Our Long Walk Home with Wayside Chapel  

Over the week of Monday 26 October to Sunday 1 November, we are walking 28km in the shoes of a person living on our streets in the Long Walk Home. 

Every week, a person sleeping rough on our streets has to walk 28km to find shelter or a place to sleep.

Homeless people in Sydney may be adults or in many cases children - something we have been aware of since our own children were teenagers and brought home people of their own age ejected or rejected from their parental homes. 

Please sponsor our challenge to support the most vulnerable people in our community.

Every step we take and every dollar you help us raise will deliver love, support and assistance to those in crisis. Thank you.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Anna-lisa Klettenberg

Martin & Carol , It is a wonderful walk you are undertaking for such a great cause . Congratulations! Walk well .Best wishes Anna-Lisa


Clyth And Paul Hoult

Enjoy the walk! Great reason to do it.


Franco Toller

Wanderful partecipation !


Cristina Toller

Wanderful partecipation!



Keep cool. Good cause


Trish Rogers



Lisa Hiscock

A very worthy cause. Great work Carol and Martin.




Matched Giving




Vivienne And Ivan Steinthal

Glad to support you for a good cause. Walk well.


Keiran Hartley

Love you long time.


Mary Mccune


Sabrina Elias

All the best and bless you for raising $ towards this important cause.


Rachel Andrew


Karen Burgess

It will be more than happy to support such a worthy cause


Carol Fallows




Martin Fallows


Philip Mccouat

Great cause! Have fun on the walk


Ken Bloxsom


Jemima Fallows

Go team! Love you! X