Email your network

A great way to get up your fundraising on your Long Walk Home donation page is to promote it to your friends, family, colleagues, and network. We find the most effective way is email, as it is a personal approach, share an email with your network. You can share why you chose to do Long Walk Home and also why this cause means so much to you.

Share on social media

Another way to spread the word is to do a post on social media asking for your followers to promote to a good cause. You can share photos of your training and snapshots of your fundraising progress, so all your social media followers are on the journey with you. 

Learn more about the cause

Immerse yourself in the world of Wayside Chapel and check out our website, by joining Inner Circle, following our social media pages Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and learn why it is so important to walk the 28km in honour of those who don’t have a home.


Make it a friendly competition

Do you have a colleague or friend or family member also participating in the Long Walk Home? Why not make it interesting and try and compete in a friendly competition (through fundraising, not on the course!)

Need some help writing your Long Walk Home message? On your fundraising page, there are four circles below your name (Facebook, Twitter, Email and LinkedIn). When you click them, a pre-written message will appear for you to send to your network. We recommend adding some of your own text to make it personal. 

For any more tips or questions, please email