Stand with Wayside Chapel and walk 28km to help people living on our streets

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In an average week, a person experiencing homelessness walks 28km to receive help, to find their next shelter or to look for a safe place to sleep.

Sign up to the 28km Long Walk Home and walk virtually over a week from Saturday 2 – Friday 8 October. 

By walking the Long Walk Home, YOU are choosing love over hate to deliver love, care and support to people who are in crisis on our streets, during this pandemic and beyond.


How It Works

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Sign up for our virtual event and walk 28km with Wayside Chapel.

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Share your challenge to show people living on our streets that they’re not alone.

3. Take the Long Walk Home

Complete your 28km challenge in the shoes of a person experiencing homelessness.


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Choose Love over Hate

This year, as COVID-19 hit and the world went into lockdown, we realised the importance of home. Imagine what life is like for people who don’t have a home to isolate to, a place that they can feel safe. Across Australia, this is the reality for 116,000 people every night.  

Take the Long Walk Home challenge, and walk 28km over a week, to raise awareness, and much-needed funds for Wayside Chapel so that we can continue providing support for people in crisis.

Under a banner of ‘love over hate,’ Wayside Chapel has been providing care and support for people experiencing homelessness and social isolation since 1964. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Wayside became one of the handful of places people in crisis could turn to by keeping our centres open. We had to rapidly change our operating model with a focus on outreach by foot and by van to ensure that we could continue to deliver essential support to people on the streets. 

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Long Walk Home encourages you to take the challenge to walk in solidarity to help these people in crisis, all while getting you out of the house and contributing to your own health and wellbeing.

We challenge each participant to aim for a fundraising goal of $764 with your first $360 raised awarding you a Long Walk Home t-shirt.

We will ensure we are following any COVID-19 restrictions that apply at the time, and we will keep you informed of any event changes or updates.

We are all in this together! Walk with us on the Long Walk Home, and do the distance so that other people don’t have to every night.

Leon is calling on you to stand with him and join Long Walk Home

After a family breakdown, Leon had nowhere to go. He couldn't find a place to sleep so he became homeless at age 25 in Brisbane. He wandered around the whole of Australia, moving to city to city, experiencing life on the streets. He found Wayside Chapel when he first moved to Sydney. He would come in for showers, to get a feed and get support for health and legal matters.  Leon found a sense of community on the streets to other people sleeping rough. They became his family. He loved giving a helping hand to his brothers and sisters on the street.  Leon has now been housed for over a year, with support from Wayside and other agencies and he still wants to help people experiencing homelessness. He is also planning to in the Long Walk Home, and walk 28km over 7 days so he can give back to people experiencing homelessness.
Sign up to Wayside Chapel's Super Team and walk virtually with Leon 

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Help us continue to support people experiencing homelessness

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