Whether you’re taking part in the Long Walk Home or donating to an individual or team, you’re walking side-by-side with people experiencing homelessness and social isolation.

Every dollar you contribute, or every kilometre you walk, will show our community that they are loved and not forgotten. By being a part of Long Walk Home, you’re providing them with a pathway toward hope and belonging.

Every dollar you contribute directly impacts lives.

You can provide:

Care Packs:
More than just essentials like toiletries and clean clothes, our packs remind our visitors that they are seen and valued.
Home cooked
A plate of nourishing food serves warmth, nutrition, and a message – someone cares.

Ensuring that everyone has a safe place to rest, recuperate, and rebuild.

Scott is walking from the streets to strength

“Wayside Chapel, they've been my rock. They just seem to know when I’m an emotional wreck or having a bad day and can help pick me up... they care about me.

Scott's journey has been tumultuous. Growing up amid hardships in Sydney with seven siblings, he began experimenting with drugs as early as age 9. After the tragic loss of loved ones and life in foster care, Scott found himself in the depths of addiction and sleeping rough in his teens.

However, after multiple challenges, including prison and rehab attempts, he took a turn for the better this year, determined to reunite with his son: "I was 49 years old and sick of living as a drug addict... I wanted to move on in life and try and make something for myself and my son eventually.”

Wayside became a place of hope, providing not only meals but also assistance with life skills. With the help of his care coordinator Joe, Scott secured private housing and even earned his driver’s licence.

Now employed and healthier, he cherishes the emotional support from Wayside, especially Joe: "He's got an emotional radar and he cares about people, not just me." Fuelled with ambition, Scott hopes to be a soccer coach, give back to the community, and most importantly, reconnect with his son.

Scott is preparing for the Long Walk Home, not just as a personal challenge, but as a tribute to Wayside. He’s walked these streets before, but this walk symbolises giving back, and helping to extend the same hope and assistance he found at Wayside to others.

Nothing’s going to stop Byron

Our inspiring visitor ambassador for 2022, Byron Gray, is gearing up for his return to Long Walk Home. Despite his rigorous training last year, severe weather cancelled the event so he couldn’t complete the walk from Parramatta to Kings Cross. But this year, he's unstoppable!

“Wayside is such a special place to me. It's like my other home. Everyone here has welcomed me with open arms.”

Joining forces with Scott and Joe, Byron is committed to giving back to Wayside, which he believes has been instrumental in his journey to sobriety. After battling addiction for three decades, Wayside's unwavering support helped him discover life beyond drugs. Today, he celebrates 22 months of being clean.

With renewed zeal, Byron is embracing participating in the 28km walk once more, to assist Wayside in offering the same transformative care he received to others in need.

Claudia Karvan’s deep roots and big heart

"I get so much more from Wayside than Wayside gets from me."

We’re delighted that our much-loved ambassador, Claudia Karvan is back for her second Long Walk Home. The acclaimed actor and producer has been a treasured part of the Wayside family since 2005. Born and raised near Kings Cross, Claudia’s ties to Wayside run deep – her childhood friend and brother have both relied on our services, and she occasionally volunteers behind the front desk. “Wayside Chapel is a place that people can come when they often have no other place to go. I love Wayside because it treats its visitors as people to be met not problems to be solved.”

CEO & Pastor Rev Jon Owen, Claudia Karvan and Byron Gray in 2022

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