Brian Pember

Support my Long Walk Home with Wayside Chapel

On Friday, 29 November, I will be walking in Long Walk Home, the 28km night walk from Parramatta to Kings Cross. 

Every week, a person sleeping rough has to walk 28km looking for a place to lay their head at night. I will be walking to raise awareness and fundraise for Wayside Chapel.

Wayside Chapel and NRMA Insurance thanks you for supporting Long Walk Home and taking steps to help people experiencing homelessness.

My Achievements

I provided a warm welcome, a cup of coffee and an emergency meal for 100 people.

I provided access for 153 people to attend on-site Centrelink clinic and receive assistance.

I provided a hot shower with toiletries and a change of clothes for 120 people sleeping on the streets.

I have provided a breakfast and nutrition program for 100 people to teach cooking skills and raise awareness about healthy choices.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Matt And Tish

Top effort Brian. Matt & Tish.


Andy And Anne

Thanks for the invitation to be part of this endeavour


Steven Carr


Jane & Barry


Anits Teesdale

I’m happy to support and sponsor you in raiding awareness of the plight of many disadvantaged people.


Tristan & Ros Sherratt



Love your work Mr P!


Kay Norman


Peter Harvey

Hi Brian, enjoy the 28km it will good practice for next year! Cheer Peter


Deborah Annabel


Brian Pember





Catherine Stephenson


Juliette Dowling

<3 your work, Brian! xx


Melissa Davis

BRAVO to you my friend xx


Donald Annabel

I hope the weather is kind to you on the day Brian. Best wishes.


Sandra Mummery


Chris Turner


Sarah Walker


Elaine Newby

your heart (and feet) give hope to others


Louise Croker



Walk with G_d as always...


Cathie Mccaughey