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Support our Long Walk Home with Wayside Chapel  

On Friday, 29 November, my team will be walking in Long Walk Home, the 28km night walk from Parramatta to Kings Cross. 

Every week, a person sleeping rough has to walk 28km looking for a place to lay their head at night. We will be walking to raise awareness and fundraise for Wayside Chapel.

Wayside Chapel and NRMA Insurance thanks you for supporting Long Walk Home and taking steps to help people experiencing homelessness.

Our Achievements

We provided a warm welcome, a cup of coffee and an emergency meal for 100 people.

We provided access for 153 people to attend on-site Centrelink clinic and receive assistance.

We provided a hot shower with toiletries and a change of clothes for 120 people on the street.

We have provided a breakfast and nutrition program for 100 people to teach cooking skills and raise awareness about healthy choices.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Meir Davis

Fantastic Cause


Matt Murphy

i know you can do this. Hope your other goddesses ENJOY the walk.


Kathy Cusack

Good luck Blythe!! X



If you can be anything in this world, choose to be kind.


Carlie Langsworth

Great cause


Lennard Mous

Wonderful cause ladies!


Claire Bridgman

What a great way to raise awareness and help the Wayside Chapel, thankyou for spreading the love of kindness


Cynthia Murphy

So proud of your generous spirit.


Suzanne Pow

Wonderful cause. May your feet be springy.


Allysa Burke

Awesome work Blythie xo


Cathy Love

So proud of you for taking on this challenge to help our more vulnerable community members


Caroline Steinberg & Mike!

Great effort Blythe. X


Nicola Evans

As I'm donating a few days late, I can say "well done ladies...I mean goddesses!"


James Lelliott

Good stuff!! Blythe let that light lead you where you need to go!


Sophie Khouchaba

Good luck team, you got this.




Caroline Skinner

Very honoured to know and work with these amazing women. Thank you for bringing awareness to a real social issue.


Cynthia Murphy

So proud of you all.


Nat Nickson

good luck blythe!



Good luck Blythe. A great cause!!


Sue Parsons

Love your stamina and passion in helping others x