Eliza Spencer

Why I'm Walking the Long Way Home

I could quote statistics or write about the 'homeless problem' in Australia, but we've all heard that before. 

Frankly, I'm really sick of seeing the way that our government treats people experiencing homelessness, and heartbroken that instead of building subsidised housing we're building luxury apartments, and cutting funding to social services in the name of a budget surplus.

All of this makes it even harder for amazing groups like Wayside to do the work they do, as more and more people come to their doors in need of help, a change of socks, and a place to have a rest for a few hours.

I've met the team at Wayside during a job application, and they're some of the most genuinely kind and compassionate people I've encountered. Funding raised for wayside doesn't go towards new fancy TVs or unnecessary upgrades. This money goes straight to services that provide on the ground assistance with no strings attached.

I'm walking because I'm exhausted of feeling guilty about chronic homelessness in Australia and in Sydney. We have to do something.

Support my Long Walk Home with Wayside Chapel

On Friday, 29 November, I will be walking in Long Walk Home, the 28km night walk from Parramatta to Kings Cross. 

Every week, a person sleeping rough has to walk 28km looking for a place to lay their head at night. I will be walking to raise awareness and fundraise for Wayside Chapel.

Wayside Chapel and NRMA Insurance thanks you for supporting Long Walk Home and taking steps to help people experiencing homelessness.

My Achievements

I provided a warm welcome, a cup of coffee and an emergency meal for 100 people.

I provided access for 153 people to attend on-site Centrelink clinic and receive assistance.

I provided a hot shower with toiletries and a change of clothes for 120 people sleeping on the streets.

I have provided a breakfast and nutrition program for 100 people to teach cooking skills and raise awareness about healthy choices.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Andrew Jane

Love you Darling. This is a very special endeavour.


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One foot in front of the other girl! Well done :) X


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Woo! Go for it


Eliza Spencer


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congratulations on cracking the $500 mark team! good work


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