Joe Ireland

Long Walk Home

I’m a Big Heart Club Member

I have pledged to choose love over hate to show people experiencing homelessness that they are not alone.

Support my 28km Long Walk Home to help people like Scott

I’m a Team Leader at Wayside’s Bondi Community Service Centre.

I’ve worked at Wayside for well over a decade, starting off in the old youth program at Kings Cross back in 2010. At Wayside I meet with visitors who often face a complex web of issues, including homelessness, addiction, loneliness, and mental health concerns. As well as offering a safe space where they can have a meal and a shower, me and my team provide personalised care coordination – referrals for housing, healthcare and legal assistance, among other things.  

I've been with Wayside for what feels like forever, and believe it or not, I've never dipped my toes into fundraising. But after meeting Scott, this year’s Long Walk Home visitor ambassador? I genuinely want to encourage and cheer him on, which is why I’ve signed up for the Long Walk Home. We’re in this together.  

I first met Scott six months ago when he dropped into Wayside at Bondi for help sorting out housing and I became his care coordinator. Over my many years at Wayside, I've crossed paths with heaps of visitors, each with their own battles. Scott? He’s from the streets. And he’s a survivor.

His life fell apart early – some of what he went through in his childhood was just appalling. Heartbreaking doesn’t even begin to cover it. This pushed him towards the needle, and he’s been in and out of prison.

For the whole of Scotty’s adult life, he’s had no one to believe in him. He’s been written off and deemed a criminal, a junkie, untrustworthy, all these things. But now he’s taking steps to not just uplift himself but to give back, like committing to doing the Long Walk Home for Wayside.

But here's the thing about Scotty – he's done so much work on himself. The drive he's got to give up drugs? It’s remarkable, and I admire him for it. The more time I've spent around Scott, the more I've realised he's the real deal. He's a genuine guy, and what you see is what you get. He’s got a real spark about him, and I’m looking forward to walking alongside him.

Please sponsor me, so Wayside can continue to help more people like Scott. Otherwise, if you think you can keep up with me and Scott, join us as part of Team Scott!

Joe Ireland
Team Leader
Wayside Chapel 

So far I helped deliver:


care packs


home-cooked meals


days crisis accommodation

…to people sleeping rough on our streets or in crisis.

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You earned this donation through that most awesome video performance. Walk well Joe.


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You're a god damn legend, Joe! And one of the very few people who has been at Wayside longer than me. For that you deserve a donation!





Hi Joe, I’m just a random Inner Circle person wishing you well on the walk and expressing gratitude for your “work” at Wayside.


Sean Haughian

Good Luck Joe


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Amazing Joe! Great cause and enjoy the walking.



Hey Joe, so proud of you! Love Mum xx


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Carn Joe



Never underestimate the butterfly effect of your good deeds. This curious bystander is happy to support a great cause. Thank you!



Cool friend


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Joe, you're a bloody legend and such a great support to so many. Thanks for taking this on.


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Go Joe!! 💙💙